さて製品についてですが、スキンケアブランド STEAMCREAMがつくる製品らしく、




#uhappyback (ユーハッピーバック) 「#みんなで幸せを取り戻そう!」


Dear everyone,

Here at Steamcream we’re worried, a little scared and frustrated by what the corona virus is doing to us. 
You probably feel the same.  The news in Japan and all around the world is overflowing with stories of sickness and fear of its spread.
We stand with you in hope that we overcome this pandemic in the fastest possible way and return to our normal lives. 
We hate what this virus is doing to all of us and we’ve decided that we don’t want to wait, we want to do something to help.  We choose to fight.

Steamcream makes skincare products that moisturize and protect your skin.  At this moment however, we’ve decided that we need to do something more. 
We have set ourselves the mission of helping you keep your hands clean- one of the most important things we can all do.
We are making a hand wash gel.  Our hand wash gel contains primarily sugarcane derived ethanol alcohol as its main ingredient.  

Steamcream is skincare so we have added a few things such as natural tea tree oil, rosemary and sage to give it a soft fragrance finish and some skin benefit. 
The alcohol will dry the hands but we can help with that too. 

We are committed to making as much of our hand wash gel as you ask us for. 
The virus is already affecting global trade and sourcing packaging is very challenging.  The package may change as supply conditions of our bottle changes.
We won’t let that stop us though.  We will keep making it no matter the package or challenge.

We believe happiness matters and these are not happy times.  We are going to fight the virus with clean hands.  We want our happy back.

Join us in getting our happy back.



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